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At Island Business Management, LLC (“IBM Hawaii”), we offer monthly, fee-based real estate and business management services with an emphasis on financial consulting to increase the overall net worth of our long-term corporate clients and to grow their businesses and real estate portfolios. We do this by improving the overall financial condition of our valued clients while both assisting in real estate & business transactions as well as providing asset management services centered on value, long-term growth, and sustainability.

Real Estate and Business Acquisitions and Management

Would you like to buy real estate, buy a business, better manage or sell your business?

  • We assist our clients by valuing prospective real estate and business acquisitions, and providing on-going management.  Our services include financial reporting to boards and top management, overseeing real estate and business portfolios for owners, trusts, and partnerships, financial modeling and analysis for real estate and business acquisitions, market research, deal structuring, and negotiating with both buyers and sellers.

Business and Strategic Planning

Would you like to prepare a business plan or a multi-year strategic plan for your real estate portfolio or business(es)?

  • We assist our clients by preparing and implementing business plans and multi-year strategic plans including establishing key financial metrics, assisting our clients to set budgets and targets, and then on-going financial analysis and reporting, and performance management.

Growth Opportunities and Distressed Situations

Are you considering a growth opportunity, are you in a distressed situation, are you considering what next steps to take to improve your bottom line, are you moving into a new stage of your life or business, or would you like to move your real estate portfolio or business(es) to the next level?

  • We assist our clients who face these various situations by forming an effective transitional management team that can assist our client’s real estate portfolio and business(es) to effectively implement changes and new strategic directions.

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