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Ryan M. Tanaka

    Mr. Tanaka has over 15 years of experience in asset & business management. Mr. Tanaka is the Managing Member of Island Business Management, LLC, an asset management company focused on diversified asset management and innovative value creation primarily for valued, long-term corporate clients. Since September of 2007 Island Business Management, LLC has assisted clients with real estate acquisitions, real estate developments, management consulting, business development, budgeting & financial reporting, and asset management for real estate portfolios, businesses, and transactions ranging anywhere from under $1 million to over $1 billion.


     Since graduating from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Corporate Finance in 2005, Mr. Tanaka has worked in many financial, operational, and managerial roles.  Beginning with Tokyo Star Bank, a regional bank with $750 million in annual revenue, Mr. Tanaka supported the CFO in preparation and launch of its initial public offering on the Tokyo Stock Exchange for $2.5 billion as Assistant Vice President.  In 2006 he became an analyst in Regional Management for Deutsche Securities Inc., Deutsche Bank’s Tokyo office with revenue in 2006 of EUR 1 billion and 65,000 employees globally.  And from 2007 to the present, he was the Managing Member of Island Business Management, LLC (formerly Investment Quorum International Advisory), a management financial consulting company focused on real estate and business transactions, management, and development.


Tim Spurrier, Holy Nativity School

“Ryan's thoughtful analysis and well prepared financial plan allowed our school to drastically improve our prospects for the future. After many years of debt, the school, following Ryan's plan, changed course and created a positive cash flow. Ryan is the ultimate leader and team player."

The Honorable Judge Walter Kirimitsu

“Ryan Tanaka served as my COO/CFO and significantly contributed to the success of Saint Louis School.  Outstanding executive performance.”

Bret Dandoy, Deutsche Securities, Inc.

"Ryan worked for me as an analyst in Regional Management.  He was able to learn and adapt quickly to various environments throughout the firm.  Ryan was pleasant to work with and demonstrated good judgement and character."

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